Thursday, October 4, 2007

October 4 - Free Burma - International Bloggers' Day

Free Burma!

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(Thanks to Kate (Visual St. Paul) and The Toranto Team (, I joined this bloggers' movement.)

My dad used to work in Rangoon (now Yangon). I have seen it through his black and white photos.

Another Burma connection we have is Mr SN Goenka, the venerable teacher of Vipassana. He was born and brought up in Burma, learned Vipassana there and has been teaching it in India for decades.

Truly sorry to see the strife and violence in wherever great philosophies and religions were born and practiced - whether it is the Middle East or Burma, or Bihar (an Eastern state in India) where Buddha attained Enlightenment and taught.

"In the East the Master is considered to be a living Buddha, but in Minneapolis, they wonder why He does not have a job!" - Robert Pirsig


Kate said...

Thank you for posting this today! Burmese monks and citizens need all the help they can get. I hope that we all try to convince our politicians to do something constructive!!

Lezard said...

I fully support you in showing this sign today. We all need to support anybody who will help them in getting democracy back to this countr.

Kumudha said...

So many interesting pictures!