Friday, November 2, 2007

State Legislative Assembly

A Deccan Chronicle photo

This photo appeared in the Deccan Chronicle, an old and popular newspaper in Hyderabad. This is the Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly. Hyderabad is the seat of the state government and capital of AP, the fourth largest state in India. The building was lit up on the occasion of AP State Formation Day which was on Nov 1. The mainly Telugu-speaking state was formed on Nov 1, 1956. In spite of its religious pluralism and cultural pluralism, India was divided into states based on languages (!!) after independence from the British. To get an idea about India's amazing cultural diversity, please read this article.

Do you recognize whose statue that is?

A man's wife has more power over him than the state has." - Ralph Waldo Emerson (attributed)

"If we moms can push 9-pound babies through our bodies, some of them with heads as big as bowling balls, surely we can push legislation through the halls of Congress." -Donna Dees-Thomases


Gudl said...

That is a funny quote at the end!
Nice photograph!

WebOJ said...

Your quotes did it again - brought a smile on my face! That building is just soooooooooo pretty.

WebOJ said...

Hi, Not on just my blog, but on many other blogs I find that your comments are very observant and can make one think. You should be proud of yourself! :-) Olive

Jules said...

I have no idea who the staue is of - even used a magnifying glass and it just made even more fuzzy!!!
I guess it must be some unexpected nationality - New Zealander maybe???

I love the last quote - and totally agree with it. Actually someone said childbirth was like pulling your bottom lip over your head - would agree with that too!!!

Suzi-k said...

thanks for the visit... I enjoyed browsing through your past posts, you show a delightful balanced view of your home. I'll be back!

smilnsigh said...

What a beautiful, beautiful photo.


zakscloset said...

yes i too enjoy your quotes always! so funny. and that is such a brilliant photo!

FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

That's some building! First time I see it but I've seen the Gandhi statue somewhere else (in photos, of course, as I've never been to India).

Re: the "CIA" :), yes, I know exactly what you mean. Very ingenious name for a show, isn't it? And about Boston's cleanliness, you know, we kind of take it for granted. People here don't litter.

A fellow photo blogger, from Bangalore, posts very interesting photos of his city, but in each and every one of them you see trash everywhere. I don't understand why people won't change their ways.

Incidentally, is Hyderabad your hometown?

Lynette said...

I love the color of the light on the assembly building. I cannot guess who the statue is, though. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the place to ask my question about my ice cubes.

Kate said...

Yes, the statue is Gandhi; since it's not one of your gods, I'm assuming that is indeed Gandhi, who was a giant of a man! The building looks so dreamy in its blue tinted colour. The contrasting cannon seems to be a bit startling next to it.

Gudl said...

Just yesterday we had somebody visit us from Chillakallu, do you know where that is? About 4 hours from H.

Neva said...

I LOVE your quotes. Do you mind if I steal one or both of them? What a pretty building with the lights on it . Not a clue who the statue is...jules and I need a bigger magnifying glass!
Carol Burnette said the quote about pulling your bottom lip over your head, BTW!

smilnsigh said...

Yes, you did understand my question.. About the 'Theme Days' on the first of the month. We both had the same question!

And yes, I think Eric has the list of 'Theme Days,' on the main site of the Daily Photo blog. I still have to go and look for it, though.