Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Huge Ganesh idols

(Picture courtesy - Deccan Chronicle)

Hyderabad has huge Ganesh idols during the Ganesh festival. This particular one is about 40 feet tall. Despite requests by the police to keep the idols small and orders by courts too, people simply don't want to accept the realities - huge idols mean huge problems on the day they are taken to the Hussain Sagar Lake and immersed there. Toxic colors are used in painting the idol and these pollute the lake water. However, some makers of Ganesh idols are beggining to use biodegradable/non-toxic paint.


Gail's Man said...

Welcome to the world of PDP's. I've often wondered what Hyderabad is like, as I see the name on the map in the plane when I fly to Dubai. Trust you'll show us all some interesting sights.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Thank you. I will certainly try.
You mean you see Hyderabad on the map when you fly
from the UK to Dubai? I thought it is kind of too far to show up on the map on that path. I know what you mean though, because I have often wondered about the places on the flight path or those that are off the flight path but that show up on the map - places with exotic/mysterious names. Thanks to the CDP project, I can now see so many cities even if I cannot visit them all.